Keeping Mum – the world’s first crowd-funded collective novel
In May 2014, Unbound published Keeping Mum, the world’s first crowd-funded collective novel, by the Dark Angels Collective – 15 Dark Angels, including me, and I was also roped into being the book’s project manager. Which also led to being dubbed ‘Miss Whiplash’ by Jamie Jauncey to 100 million people in a BBC World Service interview about the book shortly after it was published …

Rather than describe the book, I’ll let one of the lovely Amazon reviewers do it:

‘A brilliant read – I couldn’t put it down’

‘Once I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down and I read it in one sitting. The story takes you on the most unlikely of road trips with a dysfunctional family, each of whom is coming to terms with loss in their own way. It’s at turns funny, sad and bittersweet, but completely engaging. Each of the 15 writers skilfully brings their character’s personality to life, and the whole book is brought together seamlessly so it meshes together incredibly well. I love the book – when’s the film?’