Other Worlds Exhibition – After Davy
In 2012, Dark Angels got together with Oxford’s Story Museum which had recently been donated the cavernous, semi-derelict ex-Post Office building in the centre of the city. The idea was to launch a campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Museum to transform the space into a centre to help children to grow up ‘rich in stories’. Other Worlds saw a group of Dark Angels pairing up with visual artists to curate a room, turning it into an ‘other world’. Each pair drew a room out of a hat, with rooms varying wildly in size, shape and decrepitude. Rather to our horror, designer and artist Michael Hirschl and I drew an enormous room – but somehow the Dark Angels magic worked, and it became our inspiration.

The result was a short story – After Davy. A few weeks before the exhibition opened, my father had the wonderful idea of asking his old friend and actor, Frank Barrie, to record the story. So, for the duration of the exhibition, you could sit on an old log bench inside a wood and, without too much of a stretch, imagine yourself inside the story.