People often assume that because I write a lot for work, I must have a hankering to be a novelist or a poet. Not at all – in fact it was through work, or rather, through work connections, that I realised I had other things to write. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to John Simmons, who invited me to join business writers’ network 26 shortly after it was founded, and, through him, to his colleagues Jamie Jauncey and Stuart Delves, with whom he founded the incomparable creative writing for business courses, Dark Angels. With these two groups I have worked on a number of fantastic projects, from billboard posters to publishing the world’s first collective novel,
as you can read about here.

Describing the impact these magnificent people –all excellent writers in business and outside it – have had on me and my writing is, ironically, beyond words. But if you have any desire to transform your own writing, all I can say is –
join 26, become a Dark Angel and find out
for yourself.